Our team works tirelessly in the effort to support our clients to run their organizations as best as they can. We have a developed a set of value added services that help our teams meet our clients’ expectations.

Free Next Day Delivery

We provide guaranteed free next day delivery on all orders in the Dar es Salaam. This service has been in place for more than fifteen years and is the only one of its kind in the city. With this service we help our clients keep their operations running smoothly while minimizing down time.

Designated Sales Account Manager

To insure you are provided with world class service continuity, we assign every client a designated sales account manager. These managers will act as liaisons in all matters with the company, from ordering, to delivery to billing. This allows our clients to get what they need quickly and efficiently with minimal bureaucracy involved.

Forward Transport Services

For Clients outside of Dar es Salaam, we provide free forwarding to local transporters of their choice, which can then ship the goods to them in whichever part of the country they may be.

Printing and Customization

We assist clients in fulfilling their print jobs and customized stationery production including official company rubber stamps and seals. We do this to meet all the needs of our clients as a one stop shop, giving them peace of mind and simplicity of work.

Specialty importing

For goods not commonly stocked in the market, we offer our clients our specialty importing service. In this service we take the responsibility to find and deliver goods you want within a set time frame. Goods imported through this service will have a specified lead time and the order must be confirmed without any option for cancellations.

Credit Facilities (subject to approval)

We provide a credit facility for customers with a good history of transactions and timely payments. This is only provided after our credit department has approved the credit application form alongside all relevant documents. All applications are subject to approval by management.

Product Selection Assistance

Clients unsure about what products they need can simply give their requirements to their designated salesperson who will use their knowledge and experience to offer the best suited products and services.